Thursday, November 22, 2012

Overclocking weekend!

Yes, this weekend, I (AlbertMwugabi) and Wasindop used the helping hand of mother nature and the cold air to see how far we could push our systems.

Wasindops setup:
i5 760
Maximus III Formula
Corsair 2000MHz RAM (2 modules)
Zalman CNPS9900 max

First up is Wasindop's terrible i5 760 that clocks really bad and needs lots of voltage to be stable. He got it up to 4.2GHz and stable enough for some superPI and wPrime. He then clocked his memory rated at 2000MHz and 9-9-9-24 i think. He got them to run 2133MHz @ 8-9-8-24 1T.

My setup:
i7 2600k
Maximus IV Extreme
Corsair 2000MHz RAM (2 modules)
Noctua NH-U12P

Next is my setup, highest i could push my CPU was 5.1GHz. I had the same memory as Wasindop and i managed to get my up to the very same speeds as his, 2133MHz @ 8-9-8-24 1T.

Since we both used the same GPU and could get them both to about 900MHz core we didn't care about the GPU so much.

It might not have been super clocks and no HWBot submissions were made but me both learned a lot about our systems and the limits so were looking forward to more clocking this christmas!


PS. I might update this later on since i didn't have as much material as i first thought.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Unigine Heaven DX11

A little team member fight between me and wasindop in Unigine Heaven DX11 benchmark. Both with a GTX480, he with an Accelero Plus II cooler and me with the stock cooler but i use my i7 2600k @ 4.6GHz and wasindop hes i5 760 @ 3.7GHz. It was close but at the moment i go the best result by .8 points so it will continue i guess.
Wasindop's 1467.06 DX11 Marks
Albert's 1467.88 DX11 Marks //Albert

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Unigine Heaven DX9

An single (1) watercooled GTX480 running @ 920/1175 and a i7 2600k @ 4.7GHz resulted in a total score of 3390.139 which gave us a 13th place in the GTX480 rankings. Not to bad but still not as good as aimed.

But we'll do a couple of more tries later on with some of the other GTX480's.

HWBot link: 3390 @ HWBot.